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Stop Bathroom Odors Before They Even Happen! – New York – News


God has saved us all!

Everything happens quicker nowadays, including air fresheners. In the case of Poo-Pourri, it goes to work before you’ve even done your…

Or if you didn’t get that nifty gadget you wanted for Christmas you might want to try this gadget right here… Toilet Ventilation System – Instruction Video

THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE FOR YOUR HEALTH AND COMFORT!!! The JON·E·VAC® removes Bacteria and Odor directly from the toilet bowl. The JON·E·VAC® System traps and kills the Bacteria and Odor it pulls directly from the toilet bowl. The JON·E·VAC®…

Has anybody tried this?

If you have please share your thoughts. Thank you.

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Beyond Paperless: The Paperless Bathroom – Care2 News Network

Beyond Paperless: The Paperless Bathroom – Care2 News Network


Are you ready for the new year? Now I know change is hard but are you really ready for this? check this out …

One aspect of going paperless that is especially new and trendy, however, is creating a paperless bathroom. That’s right, people, we’re talking no Kleenex, no paper towels, and especially no toilet paper where you do your

Read more: Beyond Paperless: The Paperless Bathroom – Care2 News Network

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Bathtub refinishing: Pros and Cons

Here is a new take on comparing: “The Pros & Cons Of Refinishing A Bathtub” from « CBS New York


You can buy a brand-new bathtub for as little as $300. The cost of installing it can be much, much higher. But don’t be a cheap skate, getting the cheapest job from this affordable bathroom remodeling option, you are looking for trouble. Read on.

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Welcome Jones Beach Theater!

Jones Beach Theater is getting their bathrooms ready for their busy concert summer season and Bathtub Doctor is helping out with tile refinishing.

Commercial property owners, hotel managers, multi-unit apartment owners, they know how to save big, they use our services on a monthly base. You too can join them and save time and money this summer season! Click here for more: Clean, light-color, bathroom surfaces in 24 hrs. Guaranteed.

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Happy Mother’s Day from the BD Team

Happy Mother’s Day from the BD Team !A great Mom

Give your Mom something she will enjoy each and everyday, a Clean, Light-color bathroom surface that’s guaranteed to make her very happy.   Contact us for more information to get started.

Orlando and Team wishes all Moms everywhere, the greatest Mother’s day ever,

hope you get all the peace, hugs and love you all deserve.

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Bathtub Refinishing and its Chemicals is Not a Do-it-Yourself Proposition

Fatal Exposure to Methylene Chloride Among Bathtub Refinishers


Image via Flickr


A review of the Integrated Management Information System (IMIS), a database for federal and state OSHA investigations, identified 12 methylene chloride–related deaths associated with professional bathtub refinishing

Read and Understand the risks involved before attempting to do it yourself, the professional installer in the photo is wearing breathing equipment costing over $1200

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Archstone in the news

Lehman Brothers | Archstone | Sam Zell Equity Residential


Sam Zell raises his bid for the remaining 26.5 percent stake in the Archstone portfolio to $1.5B, triggering a breakup fee of $80M he’d earn if Lehman matches.  A possible sale in the making.

Archstone Apartment

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